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What is Natural Living? Simple Changes for a Natural Life

What is natural living? What does natural living mean?

The main idea behind natural living is to be in harmony with nature and live as close to nature as possible, the way God intended. It means taking care of the earth, and also letting the earth nourish us with whole foods and living in the rhythms of the natural world. It’s about minimizing the processed foods and toxic modern lifestyles that separate us from the home God gave us — the earth.

Natural living is more than just asking, “How can I live chemical free?” or trying to get rid of toxins with natural skincare and essential oils, etc. It’s a lifestyle that embraces living in harmony with nature and God’s laws.

What is natural way of living?

Natural living also means fostering a holistic mindset about life and health. Holistic means emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts — basically, holism recognizes the interconnectedness of everything.

It means connecting… With each other. With our homemaking craft. With our food. With our food sources and farmers. With our bodies. With the land around us. With fresh air and sunshine. With the wise traditions our ancestors knew brought wellness. With our Creator.

We make connections between all of these good and lovely things, so that we can gain a perspective and have a grasp on what it is to create a wholesome and fulfilled life… One that is well nourished and nourishes many others.

Simple Natural Living Changes You Can Make Today

If you’re wondering, “How do I become all natural?” Just keep reading for some practical tips you can try today.

– Eat Nutrient Dense Foods, Found in Nature.

-Eat Mindfully

-Prioritize rest instead of hustle.

-Listen to your body

-Connect with nature.

Go outside and rediscover them! To learn more about why nature & the great outdoors is wonderful for your health,

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